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The Greatest Discovery
Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Recorded Live in Austrailia

Peering out of tiny eyes
The grubby hands that grip the rail
Wiped the window clean of frost
As the morning air, laid on the latch

A whistle awakened someone there
Next door to the nursery, just down the hall
A strange new sound you never heard before
A strange new sound, that makes boys explore

Tread neat so small those little feet
Amid the morning his small heart beats
So much excitement yesterday
That must be rewarded; must be displayed

Large hands lift him through the air
Excited eyes contain him there
The eyes of those he loves and knows
But what's this extra bed just here

His puzzeled head tipped to one side
Amazement swims in those bright green eyes
Glancing down upon this thing
That makes strange sounds; strange sounds that sing

In those silent happy seconds
That surround the sound of this event
A parent's smile is made in moments
They have made for you a friend

And all you ever learned from them
Until you grew much older
Did not compare to when they said
This is your brand new brother
This is your brand new brother
This is your brand new brother

Ricky's dad first heard Elton John sing "The Greatest Discovery" in 1991 when his brother Matthew was born. It remains among the most beautiful songs he's ever heard and still puts a lump in his throat.

A few months after Ricky was born, Dad mixed some home video with a stage performance of this song about a child discovering a brand new brother. The lyrics are listed on the right. 

When you play the video, you'll first hear Elton John introduce the song as one of his top ten favorites. The music and video begin after that.

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